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Intercomparison protocol

Landnutzung Klimaportal

The intercomparison experiment envisages that each group will apply its own method to each of four predefined data sets. Each of these datasets will have its own resolution and time periods. For each time-space resolution combination, each group must retain the same threshold settings, for its own method, and these settings will be quoted.

The output will in all cases consist of all individual cyclone tracks, described by a cyclone identifier, a sequence of positions (time, latitude, longitude) and the intensity as calculated by the method (metric as used, not prescribed).

Subsequent inter-comparison activities will be performed by individuals or by groups using tracking output amalgamated from all methods in the common format. If several groups analyse the same region, boundaries of the region will be defined beforehand. This allows us to also compare differences in interpretation arising from differences in the ways the common tracking output has been post-processed.

The following intercomparison calculation took place on August – Dezember 2012.

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