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Meeting report on the IPCC AR7 information event

March 18, 2024 in Bern

The scientific community and interested parties have been invited to learn more about the IPCC’s new assessment cycle (AR7) and possibilities for scientists and experts to contribute to the upcoming reports.


The event took place in Bern with the possibility to participate remotely. 30 participants on site had the opportunity to talk to 12 former and/or active Swiss authors and experts who worked in various roles for the IPCC.

The event was organized by ProClim (SCNAT) in support of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU), which is the national Focal Point for Switzerland in the IPCC.

The event was recorded.

You can find the link to the recording of the presentations and discussion here
Identification code: 5Cx.jpyE

Here you will find a program with time information in the recording of the speakers and their presentations.

Speakers and their content:

Sebastian König (BAFU – Swiss Focal Point of IPCC & IPBES)
About IPCC:
- How does an IPCC cycle work?
- Which actors are involved?
- What is the role of the governments?

Urs Neu (ProClim)
Support of Swiss scientific community:
- Tasks of ProClim and “IPCC Switzerland”
- How are authors and experts supported?

Sonia Seneviratne (ETH Zürich and IPCC AR7 Working Group I Vice-chair)
- How to participate in AR7?
- What are their duties?

Christian Huggel (UZH – Environ. and Climate) / Anthony Patt (ETH – Inst. for Env. Decisions)
Experiences from Experts

Filippo Lechthaler (ProClim)

After each presentation, participants had the opportunity to ask the speakers questions directly, which was actively used.

After the presentations it was possible to get in personal contact with the presenters as well as the other former IPCC participants who were present during an aperitif.

  • IPCC Info Event 2024 / Sebastian König
  • IPCC Info Event 2024 / Urs Neu
  • IPCC Info Event 2024 / Sonia Seneviratne and Filippo Lechthaler
  • IPCC Info Event 2024 / Christian Huggel
  • IPCC Info Event 2024 / Anthony Patt
  • IPCC Info Event 2024 / Sebastian KönigImage: Johan Nöthiger, ProClim1/5
  • IPCC Info Event 2024 / Urs NeuImage: Johan Nöthiger, ProClim2/5
  • IPCC Info Event 2024 / Sonia Seneviratne and Filippo LechthalerImage: Johan Nöthiger, ProClim3/5
  • IPCC Info Event 2024 / Christian HuggelImage: Johan Nöthiger, ProClim4/5
  • IPCC Info Event 2024 / Anthony PattImage: Johan Nöthiger, ProClim5/5



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