ProClim introduces the latest scientific findings regarding climate change to political and public discussion. The forum provides a network for the scientific and political communities and society as a whole, thus contributing to a climate-neutral and climate-resilient Switzerland.more

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About ProClim

ProClim is the forum for climate and global change.


ProClim is a scientific platform recognised across Switzerland that processes and compiles scientific fundamentals relating to climate change for the scientific community itself, the political milieu and society in general. ProClim contributes to a climate-neutral and -resilient Switzerland by networking science, politics and society as a whole.


Synthesis: ProClim produces scientifically based and socially relevant content on climate change.

Interaction: As a platform recognised throughout Switzerland, ProClim strengthens the scientific network, linking science with public administration, politics and society.

Communication: ProClim contributes the latest scientific findings and options for action relating to climate change in a useful form for political and public discussion in Switzerland, thus encouraging evidence-based decision making with regard to new solutions in the area of climate protection and climate adaptation.


The mission is promoted and associated goals implemented in the context of the 2024–2028 Strategy. Information on the activities pursued by ProClim can be found under Activities.

Strategic control of ProClim is guided by a steering committee. The team at the ProClim Office is responsible for operational implementation.
ProClim was established in 1988 and is part of the Science and Policy (SAP) platform of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).


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