ProClim serves as an interface for communication between science, public administration, politics, economy and the public. Find below an overview of ProClim's most important national activities:

ProClim Flash

Reports, Factsheets and Publication Series

ProClim writes and publishes reports, factsheets, publication series and statements. In these publications ProClim summarizes toghether with scientists the current state of knowledge around global change issues and informs the public, science, practice and media.

ProClim Flash: Journal for climate and global change
Reports about climate and global change
Political statements from ProClim


Round tables, workshops and further ProClim events

ProClim organises events for stakeholders, scientists, journalists and the public and meetings to address decision-makers. Round tables and workhops involving researchers and practitioners regarding current issues will also be organised.

ProClim events

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News, Publications and Events

ProClim offers an overview of national and international news, publications and events concerning global change issues. You also have the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter or other products.


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Research InfoSystem

The Research InfoSystem contains information about scientists, research programmes, research institutes, research related organisations and commitees as well as publications by and projects of Swiss scientists.

Experts/Research Infosystem


Secretariat of OcCC

ProClim hosts the secretariat of the Advisory Body on Climate Change OcCC. Its role is to formulate strategic recommendations on questions regarding climate change and Swiss climate policy from a scientific point of view for the attention of politicians and the federal administration.

OcCC website