Climate Change and Sustainable Development

IPCC seeks authors for a technical paper

Wetter und Klima (Symbolbild)
Image: NASA

IPCC is seeking authors for a new technical report on Climate Change and Sustainable Development (TPCCSD). The BUWAL asked ProClim to help them in identifying experts from the science community who are interested to participate.
Outline of the Report
What is known about

  1. the impacts of climate change on development in different regions for a range of climate change impacts, on various sectors and systems?
  2. the synergies and trade-offs associated with mitigation and adaptation activities, in relation to other development activities, in the context of specific sectors and issue areas?
  3. possibilities (including cost) for reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience, in relation to climate change, through appropriate stratecies in key economic sectors and ciritical resource systems, taking into consideration the inertia of socio-economic systems?
  4. effect on GHG emissions, of different development approaches in key economic sectors?
  5. critical gaps in knowledge and priorities for future research and what relevant recent literature could be identified for use in future IPCC assessments?
  6. technology development, diffusion and transfer, in addressing climate change issues?
Time Commitment
  • 1 to 2 months for contributing author, review editor, lead author
  • 3-4 months for convening lead authors

  • December 2001 approval of the lead authors by the IPCC Bureau.
  • February 2002 : 1st Lead author meeting
    preparation of zero order draft. Then review
  • Aprils 2002 : 2nd Lead author meeting preparing the first order draft.
  • May 2002 Expert meeting
  • June 2002 : 3rd Lead author meeting preparing the final draft
  • June 2002 Approval of paper by IPCC
Please send an e-mail by November 15 with the following info
  • Interest in which part of the Report (1-6)
  • what capacity? (lead author, contributing author, review editor)
  • CV
  • detailed address
to or request further information from ProClim Tel: (031) 328 23 23.