High-End Climate Change In Europe: Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation

This policy booklet syntesizes research knowledge on the impacts of and adaptation to high-end climate change from three major EU-funded projects — IMPRESSIONS, HELIX and RISES-AM — combining the forces of over 150 researchers from leading scientific institutions across Europe. It examines impacts and adaptation in the policy context of food, freshwater, forestry, coastal protection, nature conservation, urban areas and infrastructure, human health and foreign policy.

High-end climate scenarios in Europe, cover of the joint IMPRESSIONS, HELIX and RISES-AM- policy booklet.

These three ongoing EU-projects on high-end climate change have drawn upon their wide range of expertise from many disciplines across the natural and social sciences to develop new understanding of the implications and risks of exceeding 2°C, adapting to the climate changes. The booklet also considers cross-cutting impacts, challenges and opportunities for transformational change as a response to multiple, interacting risks.

Standard identifier: 978-954-642-861-5

Source: Berry, P.M., Betts, R.A., Harrison, P.A. and Sanchez-Arcilla, A. (2017). High-End Climate Change in Europe. Pensoft Publishers, Sofia.


  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Coast
  • Forestry
  • Impacts of climate change