Climate Change and Health

PLOS Medicine Special Issue July 2018 (open access)

This PLOS Medicine special issue focuses on topics including the health effects of extreme heat and flooding, food system effects, non-communicable disease risk, such as air pollution, infectious disease risks and the health benefits of greenhouse gas mitigation policies.

Climate Change and Health PLOS special issue
Image: PLoS Medicine, Special issue July 2018

The PLOS Medicine Special Issue covers the following issues:

  • Climate change and health: Moving from theory to practice
  • Development of the Impacts of Cycling Tool (ICT): A modelling study and web tool for evaluating health and environmental impacts of cycling uptake
  • Quantifying excess deaths related to heatwaves under climate change scenarios: A multicountry time series modelling study
  • From advocacy to action: Projecting the health impacts of climate change
  • Prioritizing the needs of children in a changing climate
  • Climate change, urban health, and the promotion of health equity
  • Climate chagne and women's health: Impacts and policy directions
  • Increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide: Anticipated negative effects on food quality

And many more issues are content of this open access special issue, online available at: