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PAGES Symposium 2023

Lessons for a Sustainable Future 2023


09:00 - 17:00


Lehrgebäude VetSuisse, Länggassstrasse 124 C, Bern

The purpose of the meeting is to highlight the broad and diverse achievements of PAGES working groups. The symposium will be held in conjunction with the PAGES scientific steering committee (SSC) meeting. It will be an opportunity for a direct discussion between PAGES working groups and the SSC.

PAGES Symposium 2023
Image: PAGES

The PAGES Symposium 2023 is a unique opportunity to learn more about

  • what paleosciences can contribute to Future Earth (PAGES is a Future Earth Global Research Network)
  • what a global research network is, what it does and why it is important (similar to MRI, GMBA, bioDiscovery)
  • showcase selected contributions of Swiss research groups and the Swiss paleocommunity to international paleoscience.

Read more about the symposium and its program here.



The meeting will be mostly in-person, although a hybrid component will be considered to accommodate some participants.
Languages: English