The forum brings the latest scientific findings into the political and public discussion. It presents specific options for combating climate change in Switzerland. The topics of focus range from understanding climate change and reducing emissions to adapting to the consequences.more

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Forum IPCC - Fourth Assessment Report

The IPCC report 2007 and its relevance for Switzerland

The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report 2007 represents the first major global assessment of climate change science in six years. The periodic assessments of the causes, impacts and possible response strategies to climate change are the most comprehensive and up-to-date reports available on the subject. They form the standard reference for all concerned with climate change in academia, government and industry worldwide. Through three working groups, many hundreds of international experts assess climate change in this Fourth Assessment Report.

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The IPCC Forum 2007 will present a number of highlights from the new report going beyond the Summary for Policymakers. A special focus will be put on the relevance for Switzerland and possible consequences for research activities, policy, adaptation measures and strategies. The presentations will be given by Swiss researchers involved in the elaboration of the IPCC report as coordinating lead author, lead author or contributing author and/or are familiar with the IPCC process and closely followed the development of the report. At the end of the forum the Chair of the IPCC will give a global overview and present future activities of the IPCC.


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