Climate Action and Human Wellbeing at a Crossroads: Historical Transformation or Backlash?

The Climate – Justice – Cooperation Nexus: 10 Cornerstones of the Great Transformation towards Sustainability

The Climate Justice Cooperation Nexus

1. We can reach the goals of the Paris Agreement – but ambitious action is needed now.

Irreversible Earth system changes need to be avoided and the global CO2 emissions must decline to zero by mid-century. We have the resources and the technology. But do we have the political will and the resolve?

2. Investment into decarbonisation and social cohesion are mutually reinforcing – like two sides of the same coin.

Without significant investments aimed at combating social imbalances and simultaneously strengthening social cohesion including elimination of all gender inequities, we will be witnessing a spread of counter transformation blocking fundamental decarbonisation and progress toward sustainability and social justice.

3. There are major causes for concern: Global cooperation and even peace are under pressure.

4. Global cooperation cannot succeed without justice and social cohesion.

5. Reasons for optimism: Technological breakthroughs and innovations are driving the transformation.

Despite these worrying trends, we observe significant breakthroughs in renewable energy and major increases in electric mobility. Sub-national, urban, and regional leaders are taking action into their own hands. Reasons for hope: New narratives for sustainable futures create trust. The 2030 Agenda is a new global social contract, promoting attractive and diverse visions of wellbeing for all people and thereby creating an overarching positive narrative for the 21st century.The transformation will not only be driven by technologies, but also by cultural change, creativity, and passion.

7. De-risking financing is the key.

Public fundings to enable sustainable transformation and joint worldwide efforts to stabilize the global commons are very important. But public funding alone is not enough.

8. Europe and Germany need to become climate pioneers again.

9. The Paris Climate Agreement and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development can only succeed if cooperaton with developing countries is significantly strengthened.

10. The century of Global Commons and Global Public Goods for the benefit of all, insteaut of "our country first".