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IPCC: Call for participation in the Scoping Meeting for drafting the outline of the Seventh Assessment Report (AR7)

The IPCC is looking for experts to participate in the Scoping Meeting for drafting the outline of the Working group contributions to the Seventh Assessment Report (AR7). The Scoping Meeting is scheduled for December 2024, tentatively in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The deadline for nomination is 24 May 2024.


Deadline for nomination: For timely nomination, experts should communicate their interest asap, but not later than 24 May 2024 (experts will be asked then to fill out the nomination form).

Expertise in demand: For this scoping meeting, IPCC is seeking participants with a broad understanding of climate change and related issues. This is a joint scoping of Working Groups I, II and III. Expertise is sought from WGI, WGII and WGIII, as well as ‘cross-cutting expertise’ and is listed on the IPCC website.

Selection: A Mix of criteria will be used for selection and an invitation would follow in September if the application is successful. A mixture of experts with and without previous experience in IPCC’ can be selected. More information on the preparation of IPCC reports, including the scoping process is available from the IPCC Principles and Procedures.

Please note: The FOEN, via the Swiss IPCC National Focal Point, will review and submit the nominations.

How to be nominated: If you are interested in participating in this meeting, please inform Urs Neu () until 24 May 2024 the latest and ProClim will then send you the information needed to fill out the nomination form (until 29 May 2024). Nominations will be reviewed and submitted by the Swiss IPCC Focal Point (FOEN) only.

If you have questions related to the scoping meeting or the IPCC process, please contact either Urs Neu () or Sebastian König ()



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