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The Cryosphere in a changing climate - A scientific symposium in memory of Koni Steffen

Luogo della manifestazione

Kongresszentrum Davos

Konrad Steffen – or Koni, as everyone knew him – was a passionate researcher and teacher, who dedicated his life to science through the study of the cryosphere and the climate of cold environments. Koni was driven by a mission to inform people about the ongoing, rapid human-driven changes and the resulting impacts on human and natural systems these changes could impose.

Eis Schnee Gletscher Berge
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This scientific symposium will honour Koni’s scientific legacy, covering a wide range of topics, including the study of Arctic sea ice, the dynamics of polar ice sheets, the quantification of climate-driven ice losses in Antarctica and Greenland, the effects of melting ice on global sea level, as well as more generally the impacts of climate change on polar and high mountain environments. By bringing together long-term colleagues that accompanied Koni over the years and early-career researchers that have recently embarked in the related disciplines, the event will aim at building a bridge between generations of cryosphere and climate scientists – a task in which Koni excelled.


In view of this rich programme and of the interactive nature of this symposium, the event will be held in person in Davos and not as an online event.
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