Mountain regions and IPCC AR5

Call to submit relevant journal articles

Researches are asked to send relevant manuscripts and papers to the Technical Support Units of Working Group II of the IPCC. This Working Group focuses on the detection of observed changes in coupled human-earth systems and the attribution of those changes to climate change.

Teaser: Mountain regions and IPCC AR5

Working Group II is examining not climate change itself (that is the charge of Working Group I) but rather all the changes in the various terrestrial and marine ecosystems of the world, including those that we would consider to be intimately linked to human society, that are plausibly related to climate change. These changes set the stage for an assessment of vulnerability to climate change.

Mountains should be well represented in these chapters as the changes in the coupled human-earth systems in mountains are frequently more visible than elsewhere. And as mountain systems are very dynamic and often delicately poised between alternative states, climate change could lead to very important changes in vulnerability.

Thus, the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) asks, if you have manuscripts and papers that outline changes in mountain systems, be they in the cryosphere, water cycle, geomorphic processes, ecosystems, ecosystems services, or social, cultural, economic or political systems.

Please send your input to the IPCC chapter scientist Gerrit Hansen ( as well as to the Swiss lead author, Christian Huggel (, and the MRI Coordination Office ( The Coordination Office will compile all the articles it receives and will produce a bibliography of the MRI community's contribution to IPCC AR5.