10 things to know about climate finance in 2016

The brochure breaks down through infographics the numbers on climate finance. The infographics highlight the predicted increase of climate finance and the diversification of the financial instruments used to distribute funds. In addition, they outline the severe decrease in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation finance and draw attention to the gap between the available finance and the costs of climate related disasters.

10 things to know

10 Things to Know about Climate Finance in 2016:

  1. Public climate finance is predicted to grow by 60% in 2020
  2. Multilateral climate funds approced $1.7 billion in 2016
  3. Climate funds are diversifying the financial instruments they use
  4. Climate funds have supported Morocco to become a renewable energy leader
  5. The costs of climate related disasters far exceed the available adaptation finance
  6. REDD+ (reduced emissions from deforestaton and degradation) finance has plummeted
  7. The Green Climate Fund approves over $1 billion
  8. Disbursement of climate finance continued to grow in 2016
  9. Mainstream financial institutions are waking up to climate risk
  10. The future we want must maximise the finance we have

Source: Nakhooda, Samita; Charlene Watson, and Liane Schalatek (2016): 10 Things to know about climate finance in 2016. Washington: Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Heinrich Boell Stifting North America (HBS).