Valuing dedicated storage in electricity grids

The European umbrella organisation of national science academies (EASAC) has examined the added value of large- and small-scale electricity storage. This is set against the background of fluctuating production of renewable energy, whose stable integration in European electricity grids increasingly requires large-scale electricity storage.

EASAC report "Valuing dedicated storage in electricity grids"
Image: European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC)

The EASAC «Policy Report» is a scientific contribution to the configuration of energy policy in the EU area. «Our analysis highlights how to objectively and transparently link potentials and limitations of new storage technologies with the design of electricity markets and investment strategies in Europe», according to Thierry Courvoisier, President of EASAC and representative of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. The results of the expert panel aim to make a contribution so that electricity is provided to consumers in a reliable manner and at the lowest possible costs.

Edition / Volume: EASAC Policy Report, 33
Pages: v, 42
Standard identifier: 978-3-8047-3729-7