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How to have conversations about climate change? A new handbook provides information

Talking about Climate Change in daily live plays a huge role in social and political change - but it’s not easy. The new #TalkingClimate Handbook from Climate Outreach provides evidence-based, practical tips to help everyone have constructive, meaningful climate conversations.

Climate Handbook

We take our cues about what's important from what we hear our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours talking about. Politicians also need strong social consent to implement successful climate policies.

But talking about climate change, especially beyond the green bubble, is hard. That's why Climate Outreach produced an evidence-based, practical guide to help make those conversations easier and more meaningful - and to come out of them feeling inspired and connected.

The new #TalkingClimate Handbook is the result of a collaboration between Climate Outreach and Climate-KIC. It is based in part on a citizen science project with over 550 individuals from over 50 countries that took place last summer. Participants joined several training webinars (see below) and fed back the results of their conversations to the project team.

The Handbook's advice is structured around the mnemonic REAL TALK: Respect your conversational partner and find common ground. Enjoy the conversation. Ask Questions. Listen, and show you’ve heard. Tell your story. Action makes it easier (but doesn’t fix it). Learn from the conversation. Keep going and keep connected.

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