Urbanization in and for the Anthropecene


10:30 - 11:30


WSL Birmensdorf

We live in turbulent times- the Anthropocene - where rapid changes are occurring in biophysical conditions such as altered precipitation patterns, drought, flood, wildfire, and pandemics. In the Anthropocene, global urbanization is both a driver of these processes and extremely vulnerable to the risks generated.

Image: Pixabay

Managing urbanization in the Anthropocene would need the following questions to be addressed:

  • Does global urbanization result in diversification or simplification of the intertwined system of people and planet?
  • Is the increasing connectivity of cities becoming a force on its own in governing human affairs and in shaping the biosphere?
  • What is the role of connectivity in urban resilience, is over-connectivity causing new types of vulnerabilities?


Languages: English